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If you're not communicating regularly and effectively with your key audiences, someone else will and eventually lure them away. Rourk Public Relations uses a variety of communications tools to maintain customer loyalty and trigger potential customer calls.
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"The Rourk Public Relations agency did an excellent job of coordinating a high-profile event for Hampton Roads Transit.  As a client, we received plenty of personal attention from David Rourk as he fit seamlessly into our team.  Working with David was a relief knowing that he had all the bases covered on the project."

James P. Toscano
Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications
Hampton Roads Transit

About Rourk Public Relations
The Rourk Public Relations agency is expert at public relations consulting, media relations, branding, marketing, advertising, web marketing, and web design. It provides public relations consultants and help to clients in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Hampton Roads, and throughout Virginia.


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